Liemès Food District

Project: Liemès Food District
Client: Liemès
Architect: De Horecafabriek

Liemès Food District is a design by De Horeca Fabriek BV .. To Build coordinated and realized the entire project; light demolition work, chopping and breaking work for the installations, various steel constructions, placing metal stud and HSB walls, paneling, window frames, facades and stairs, applying various stucco, tile, painting on the walls, sealant work, mounting of the ceilings, installation of PVC floors, liquid-tight floors, almost 300m2 of pattern tile floors. The design with a striking tiled floor in various patterns, the meter-high ceiling and the free-standing bar give the whole a unique and attractive character.

About Liemès Food District

Liemès is a brand new “food district” in The Wall; a retail and leisure center on A2 near Utrecht. Liemès is a hip and trendy catering concept where eleven world cuisines come together. With 1500 square meters, Lièmes can accommodate up to 500 guests in various seating areas.

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