Restaurant Koken aan de Markt

Project: Renovation Koken aan de Markt
Client: Fraai Projecten B.V.
Architect: Fraai Projecten B.V

The wish of Restaurant Koken aan de Markt was to create a warm atmospheric interior in which the improvement of the acoustics and heating had to be a very important point of attention. Fine Projects provided an attractive interior. Subsequently To Build realized the requirements for acoustics and heating. A very beautiful new acoustic ceiling was installed with completely seamless infrared panels. To Build has also poured a new smooth floor that has an oak floor with integrated Portuguese tiles. The restaurant has undergone a complete renovation in 2.5 weeks.

About Koken aan de Markt

Restaurant & Kookstudio Koken aan de Markt is a restaurant in the fortified town of Geertruidenberg. It is located in one of the monumental buildings on the market. You can go there for a 3, 4 or 5-course surprise menu and to participate in one of the cooking workshops.

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