Project: Renovation Shoebaloo
Client: MVSA Architecten

The location of Shoebaloo at the P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam was ready for a major restyling after 15 years. The new concept focuses on a play of colors of white, gold and anthracite; they change with every step the visitor takes. In addition, the alternating pattern of reflective and luminous material gives the room an extra spatial dimension. The renovated store does not have a display window, but instead of that there is a beautiful entrance that invites the visitor to enter the glamorous space with plenty of display space. To Build realized the complete finishing work.

About Shoebaloo

In the early 1970s, the successful café owner and entrepreneur Hartog Streim from Amsterdam decided to try his luck in the magical shoe world. In recent years, Shoebaloo has built up a reputation as the retailer of high-end designer shoes, bags and accessories in the Netherlands and abroad. In the Netherlands, Shoebaloo has branches in Amsterdam. Rotterdam, Maastricht and Utrecht.

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