Project: Office CSK
Client: CSF Food Enrichment
Architect: Fokkema & Partners

Based on the design of Fokkema & Partners, a new CSK Food Enrichment building has been realized in the Plus Ultra business center and lab building. In addition to the office spaces, it also concerns approximately 1,200 m2 of lab spaces and a pilot plant (pilot) of approximately 750 m2. Projects, partner of To Build, has completed the complete completion of this new accommodation. From installing various walls (metal stud walls, masonry walls and system walls) and painting work to realizing all ceilings (including hygiene ceilings) and laying the floor finishes. Projects also supplied and assembled all laboratory furniture (in collaboration with solid factory), fixed furniture (in collaboration with Smeulders Interieurgroep), loose furniture and all AV equipment (in collaboration with AVEX). In addition, we took care of the coordination of the work for the E, the W and the gas installations.

About CSK Food Enrichment

CSK is innovative in developing new products for the international dairy market. With more than 100 years of experience in the Dutch market, CSK is an established name that is increasingly expanding internationally in the business-to-business market. CSK currently has approximately 180 employees and is located in Leeuwarden and Wageningen. CSK is located in Wageningen in the Plus Ultra building in the heart of the Campus of Wageningen University. CSK also has branches in Poland, the United States, France and Hungary.

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