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To Build sponsors the U23 UCI Women’s Continental Team “NXTG Racing”.


The UCI Continental Women’s cycling team NXTG Racing  is the first U23 (undergraduates) training team for women. The team consists of young promising riders who get the chance to become the ‘Next Generation’ of women’s cycling in a professional environment. To Build would like to contribute to this!

#unlockyourpotential; the creed of NXTG Racing. Everyone should be given equal opportunities to get the best out of themselves and to use their talents. In top sport, but also in a future (technical) career. The journey to top sport is often difficult and hard. But beautiful at the same time. The riders are experiencing a ‘life-changing’ period, if only because they have left their family behind to chase their dream in Europe, for example.

NXTG Racing offers the riders a unique development platform with the best mentoring, coaching, physical and mental guidance and materials. The riders learn to work together as a team and thereby take each other to a higher level. Reach the top together!

A wonderful platform that To Build is happy to support. And that fits perfectly with the vision of To Build. We strongly believe in doing what you are good at and doing what you really enjoy. That is why we are building the ‘Next Generation’ in women’s cycling together with NXTG Racing. A sponsorship that we are very proud of!

Photography: Alteregomedia

To Build sponsors Fluffy Rabbit; a sporting foundation with a social purpose


The Fluffy Rabbit Foundation is a fanatical participant in the sponsored tours of the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund in order to raise money for the Ronald McDonald Houses. To Build supports this sporting initiative with a financial contribution.

The Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund has been ensuring that sick children and their families can be close to each other for more than 35 years. Sick children feel better with their parents, brothers and sisters nearby. And parents are better able to continue their care with a resting place close to their sick child.

The Ronald McDonald Houses are 100% dependent on gifts, donations and sponsorship. Every year, the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund organizes sponsored tours; HomeRide, HomeRun and HomeWalk. Participation costs € 7,000 per team. That amount goes entirely to the house the team drives for.

The Fluffy Rabbit Foundation participates in the sponsored tours with various teams. A sporting achievement with a social purpose. A wonderful platform that To Build would like to support. Together we contribute to the preservation of the unique Ronald McDonald Houses.

To Build sponsors Tjommie’s craft school


Tjommie means ‘friend’. Millions of children in South African townships could use a friend to face their hopeless future. Violence, abuse, malnutrition and crime are problems they deal with on a daily basis. A friend who offers help is therefore vital. To Build also offers help and supports one of Tjommie’s concrete projects.

Since 1999, Tjommie has been supporting vulnerable children in South Africa by providing for their basic needs and stimulating their social-emotional development. Think of improving basic necessities of life, such as clean drinking water, healthy food and safe housing, but also offering educational, cultural and sports activities. Tjommie works closely with the local partner organization Ndlovu Care Group.

In 2022, the official opening of the Ndlovu Craft School in Bloempoort, South Africa was held. In this vocational training centre, students are offered practical skills training and can gain qualifications in plumbing, carpentry, painting, masonry and electrical work.

To Build sponsors this vocational school. An initiative that fits the vision of To Build: do what you are good at and do what you really enjoy. Working together on the development of children so that they create self-esteem and self-confidence and can realize their dreams for the future. Every child deserves a chance for a better future. Tjommie gives children their future ‘back’.