Project: Construction KFC and FEBO
Client: Rialto Vastgoedontwikkeling BV
Architect: XS Architecten

To Build has been commissioned by Rialto Vastgoedontwikkeling b.v. for the construction of the “drive-through” branches of KFC and Febo in Gorinchem. The project concerned structural work including the entire site layout. The first work started in mid-October 2019 with the construction of the sites and the construction of the pile foundation. The project is characterized by a diversity of facade finishes that were requested. Bad weather conditions and the corona crisis have demanded a lot from the planning. Nevertheless, the agreed deadline was met.

About KFC

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a fast food chain with various chicken products as a specialty. KFC has more than 16,000 locations in more than 100 countries worldwide. There are almost 70 KFC locations in the Netherlands. The first Dutch KFC restaurant was opened in Rotterdam in 1972.

About FEBO

The FEBO, originally started as a pastry chef, is a household name among snack and haute frying enthusiasts. FEBO still occupies a unique place with its daily snacks and vending machines. FEBO currently has more than 70 stores in the Netherlands.

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