Mara Restaurant and On the ROCKS Bar

Project: Renovation Mara Restaurant and On the ROCKS Bar
Client: ByFlipp
Architect: Smeele Design

The interior design of Mara Restaurant and On the ROCKS Bar is made by Smeele Design. They were inspired by the Betuwe background of the owner, but with a Scandinavian twist. This surprising combination resulted in a fresh and elegant interior in which the flower wall immediately stands out. The Scandinavian feeling is underlined by the materials used – wood, stone and steel – and the minimalist luminaires. To Build has completed the complete renovation of the restaurant and bar. From demolition work to the complete refurbishment.

About Mara Restaurant and On the ROCKS Bar

In the treasury of cultural heritage of Rotterdam, het Scheepvaartkwartier, chef Florian van Dillen has opened a new concept. It consists of a restaurant (MARA Restaurant) with a possibilitiy for 70 guests and private dining, and a separate bar (On the ROCKX Bar). In the backyard of 300 square metres there is also place for approx. 70 people.

Photograpy:: Richard Sinte Maartensdijk –

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